Katie Knutson was a dream realtor to work with. My husband and I were needing to look at properties 400 miles from where we were. Katie accommodated our tight schedule and provided information that we needed to know as we buzzed from one property to the next. She was friendly, professional and responded to texts and emails quickly. It was thanks to her and her contacts that we found our miracle property. Would work with her again in a heartbeat. She is the true example of an agent with integrity and sense of humor. – Janet

Buyers Perspective: I will recommend Katie to individuals I know looking to buy a house as long as she is in real estate. Her professionalism rings through from the first day of interest through to the closing date. She is invested in finding the home which meets your needs as well as interests (be it having a garage, deck, patio, fireplace, you name it). By working with her and using the Century 21 housing profile – set up by Katie based on your preferences and finances – I can assure you that you WILL find a home. Katie’s knowledge and expertise is astonishing and she truly understands the market she works in. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or an experienced buyer/seller, Katie makes the entire process flow smoothly all the while making sure you understand the steps that are taken. She makes her self available for home tours, meetings, and contract signing. I couldn’t have asked for a better agent to work with. – Tyler

Katie was very helpful for finding the right house for us. she understands our specific needs well and provided lots of information and helped to take care of things we didn’t think of. Her local knowledge and expertise is also very impressive..Highly recommended. -LeeAnn

Katie was very patient in working with me. I was very specific in some of the amenities I wanted in a house and she took the “extra” time to find them. She was also able to help me find a local banker, home inspector as well as recommend some home care service providers to me. – Terri

When we visited with Katie my wife told her what type of house we were interested in with such things as all on one level 3 bedrooms etc… Out of the blue Katie called one day and said she had a house that we had to see and as it turned out was what my wife had described to the tee. She was supportive throughout the bidding process and closing as well as finding a buyer for our other house. We would recommend Katie without any reservations and encourage people talking to her even if you are not looking right now to buy or trade as she is very informed about what the market is doing and what is available. – Ralph

I have a son that went to college at SDSU. I was shocked at the high costs of rent and out of curiosity (and a little anger) I casually stopped into Century 21 and Katie knew exactly what my frustration was. She explained things thoroughly and showed me a few options, complete with estimated finances and ideas of future costs (major repairs). The house I would’ve picked would not have been the smartest investment! She also helped my son find roommates and showed the home to them as well. She provided us with leases and other paperwork and was a good contact for the boys to call when they needed something (plumbers, contractors, etc). We recently sold the property and I’m happy to say we made our money back plus a little extra (not to mention, our son didn’t put his/our money into someone else’s pocket.) Very happy with our decision, and it was much less stress than we expected! – Robert


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