If you’ve been thinking about buying a home, it never hurts to start looking. To avoid finding every real estate website in the area, I can set you up with a Portal and automatic email. This lets you log in to see your price range from all companies, and also updates you as anything new comes on the market.This allows you to see pictures, prices and details of all of them. If you see one or more you like, let me know and we’ll check them out!

I can show and sell you any home listed by any company, and being represented by an agent is free to buyers!

First Time Home Buyers

I was clueless when I started looking for houses and I remember wishing there was a simple manual to figuring it out. Here it is..

Home Buyers Guide


Brookings has a strong market, which in turn creates a high rental market. Whether you know students or not, this could be a great investment for you. I understand leasing laws, city ordinances and which properties will get you the highest return. I can also help with leasing paperwork and management. Whether you want to be hands on or just get a check every month, we have affordable management plans to make this investment work around your schedule.


Fill out the form below to get started! (This is just to get an email with listed homes, it does not sign you up for anything).



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