How to hang a picture


Sounds easy right? Easy to hang, hard to do it right.

This is the question I get asked more than anything else from friends, family and clients. You have a awkward wall or space but a single picture looks lonely, a collage of pictures looks busy, and leaving it bare looks boring! Here’s the tricks to working with these spaces:

1. Height to hang a picture: Either 57″ from floor to the center of the picture. The majority of people hang their pictures way too high! Pictures are the focal point of a room, so they should be at eye level and should tie the room together, not pull it apart.


2. Width of a picture: I bet everyone has a wall in their house that’s just awkward. It’s too big for one picture, but looks too cluttered with several pictures. Here’s what I love: repeating pictures. It provides clean lines and simplicity while still filling a large space. Odd numbers are typically better- it provides a focal point.


And what about a small space? Go big! Fill the space with what seems to be huge. I love large pictures in bathrooms or hallways.


Also, horizontal lines should follow horizontal lines, like above a bed. And don’t hang the Joker above your bed, content should be appropriate per room.


3. What to hang: Color and texture trump content. Throw some paint on a blank canvas before putting a picture up that doesn’t look right with the space. If you feel the room is already too busy, try artwork that is just a texture or throw a large mirror up.


Art does not have to be expensive! If you have money to go into artwork, put it towards the frame instead!

What about photographs? When you have a wall full of pictures and they are spread all over:  full of faces, colors, patterns, heights, oh- and they are too high!- you’re brain goes into overload. Remember, focal point and clean lines.

Here’s some ideas for hanging photographs: Using smaller photos to create a large artpiece, using all black and white for consistency,  throwing some other pieces in (different shapes, textures, sayings), or just find a way to create a clean line.

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4. All about balance: Overall, the key to a well designed space is balance. This includes every part of the room: pictures, furniture,  colors, window coverings, etc.

80s-room1-300x231 Bedroom-artwork11-300x195 Chaise-300x217 santorini-guest-cottage1-300x225

If you feel like you’re not good at design: find artwork that you really love (, or get some photos you love printed on canvases, then design a space around that. Use the colors, style and size of furniture to work around that picture and voila’, you have designed your first room!


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