14 Mistakes that will Kill Your Home Value! (Part 2)

12. Holding on to brass door knobs (© filo/Getty Images)

8. Too trendy:

It’s more likely to lack new trends than have them overdone, so it’s often refreshing for Realtors and buyers to see newer, spicy features. However, sometimes we walk into a house and say, ‘Boy, this was quite the house in its day!’, translated as, ‘Somebody put a lot of money in a remodel, and it’s never been updated since!’. It’s tough not to modernize, but just remember; pink stools and tubs were once trendy!

The article talks about skinny backsplash tile will someday be dated, and how garden tubs used to be the trend and now they’re being ripped out. This is a tough one because anything emotionally appealing is probably trendy. Just try to stay away from big ticket items that would someday need to be removed because it dates the house.

9. Overstuffing the remodel:

I’m indifferent on this one. They say that bathrooms only need pedestal sinks to allow a more airy space, but we all know that’s not always realistic. I would prefer more function with a consistent neutral color palette to neutralize too much furniture or storage.

8. Overstuffing the remodel (© Greg Newton/age fotostock)

10. Converting the garage:

We appreciate our garages here. I don’t see many converted garages to living space, but if you’re thinking about, don’t. It snows too much to take that space away!

10. Converting the garage (© Elizabeth Whiting & Associates/Alamy)

11. Being a permit bandit:

Who doesn’t hate paying for a permit? If you don’t get permits, some issues could arise when you try to sell;  1.  the buyer sees the value from the county that doesn’t reflect the improvements and it will make the list price look inflated.  2. This sparks concern that the job was not done professionally and there could be major issues.

11. Being a permit bandit (© WIN-Initiative/Alamy)

12. Holding on to brass hardware:

Pet peeve- neglected hardware. You’ve done the right moves and replaced your gold or brass light fixtures and maybe even the kitchen handles, but you’ve left all the door knobs and hinges. You probably don’t notice it, but it ages the house!

12. Holding on to brass door knobs (© filo/Getty Images)

13. Being colorfast:

Everyone says, ‘it’s easy to paint, that’s no big deal!”. Part of that’s true, it is easy, but it is a big deal!  You can have identical homes for sale, and it one is painted and decorated well, it will sell for more and faster

14. Ignoring flaws:

While it may not be intentional, our homes typically have more issues than we choose to realize. Ask a third party to walk through your home and help point out things that owners don’t notice anymore. Better yet, ask your Realtor so you’re not offended by your best friend or mother.

14. Ignoring flaws (© Daniela Duncan/Getty Images)

by Christopher Solomen of MSN Real Estate (comments by Katie Knutson:) )


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