14 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Home Value! Part 1

1. Going overboard for the area:

In this area, we are pretty lucky to have consistent neighborhoods. We do see this in older neighborhoods; where some homes have been restored and updated, and others have been somewhat neglected.


2. Inconsistency:

This happens occasionally. Some people’s thoughts are, I’ll just go room by room until it’s all done’. It’s a good theory, but not realistic. After your main living spaces are done, you start to neglect the other areas. If you’re going to replace flooring or paint, do it throughout the home. Cosmetics are easier to change later on.

3. Closing off the porch:

This article says it’s a huge mistake because it blocks interaction between neighbors. Apparently wherever he’s writing this from, doesn’t have 6 month long winters! First of all, I don’t see a ton of porches, but I think increasing the living space is more favored here than an open porch.

4. Too much ‘you’ in your home:

We’re all a little guilty of this. Most importantly, try not to remodel or do construction that restricts future owners from styling it their own way. For instance, using old barn wood as trim throughout an old house or doing an awkward layout just to fit your furniture. If you have ‘themes’ try to remove the majority before selling. Your kitchen full of roosters could turn off a more modern-style buyer.

5. Screwing up the floorplan:

If you need more space, don’t add a bedroom via the laundry room. Bad layouts can kill a listing! You can’t change the neighborhood or the layout. Well, sometimes you can change the layout, but do it right!

6. Keeping the above ground pool:

Not too common in Brookings, but people around here are indifferent to pools, above or in-ground. Limited time to use them, mosquitos and higher insurance deter buyers from pools.

7. Tackling big projects yourself:

Sorry weekend warriors. Great intentions, but know your level of knowledge. You can almost always tell an amateur job immediately when you walk into the room. If you feel at all nervous about it, call a pro!

Sometimes I hear buyers base an offer price off of not only remodeling again, but also the destruction of what’s been done. That can hurt the bottom line.

by Christopher Solomen of MSN Real Estate (comments by Katie Knutson:) )


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