25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes (Round 2)


13. Following fads. Lava lamps, bean bag chairs, and crazy color trends are fun for awhile, but ultimately end in regret. Trends should be budget friendly so you can easily change them, ex. paint, pillows, curtains, rugs.


14. Furniture that doesn’t fit. Hint: when looking at homes, think about how furniture will fit in the areas. Sometimes a room will seem bright and beautiful when empty but awkwardly placed windows and walls make placement difficult.


15. Too many color patterns. Patterns are great, and typically underutilized in the Midwest, but be careful not to go crazy. Refer to #13: use patterns in items that can be easily changed.

16. Floating rugs. Rugs bring your eye to a focal point so they should be “attached” to something. Ex. under a dining room table or up to/underneath a couch.


17. Improper lighting. You can buy lights for cheap nowadays, problem is- they look cheap!! Don’t go for the cheapest, and they’re still a very affordable update. A good rule of thumb, the more lighting the better, and install dimmer switches. I hear this a lot from people who built their own home, ” I wish I would’ve put more lights in! ”

18. Frames hung too high. THIS IS ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES!!! I see this one most often. (There will be a whole post coming soon on how to hang a picture.)


19. Tacky couch covers. Need I say more..

20. Pushed back furniture. Another pet peeve. Furniture does not need to touch the walls. Squeeze the furniture around a focal point such as a rug or table. Some people think the room looks bigger if the furniture is spread out, but it works against itself. It should always feel cozy. Cozy feeling in a big house is what people are attracted to.


21. Ignoring windows. Windows are an assett. Curtains done correctly can add height, color, and warmth to a space. If you don’t like curtains, replace the plastic with higher quality blinds.


22. Fear of color. Neutral colors are safe, but can often times be overdone. Fifty shades of beige is a boring space!


23. Too many knick-knacks. Their main purpose is to collect dust and they are very busy to the eye. It feels a little weird for awhile, but take them away and the simplicity creates a beautiful, calming space!

24. Pillow overload. Pillows should add a ‘pop’ of color not overpower a piece of furniture.


25. Fake flowers. Sometimes tasteful, but many times they look old, dingy and they gather dust faster than any other decor.



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