25 Biggest Decorating Mistakes (Round 1)

Toilet rug

First of all, don’t be offended if you are guilty of a few of these. We all are.

1. Toilet rugs. Rugs are a means to draw your attention. Is this the first place you want people to look at? Opt for a rectangular rug or runner.

Toilet rug

2. Too many photos. Frames are hard to throw away (or the idea of retiring old photos) and they seem to be the go-to gift when people don’t know what else to gift, so you end up with a hodge-podge assortment that collects too much dust.


3. Boring foyers. Spice it up! It sets the tone for the rest of the house. (See prior post for ideas).

4. Things we don’t need to see. This is not just your bras drying in the bathroom :), it also includes but not limited to: cords/powerstrips, toasters and other rarely used large appliances sitting on counters, mail/newspapers (find a designated spot), shoes (also find a designated spot)… you get the idea. Back to Feng Shui mentality: everything has a place and there’s a place for everything.


* Do you have space above your cabinets? Don’t fill it with random decor. This is a great place to show off collections or  at least have a theme. Or just leave it empty; simplicity is chic and calming.

5. Out of place themes. Just because you have a picture of a palm tree you love, doesn’t mean you have to create a fully themed room around it. Your whole home should flow together.


6. Outdated accessories. Light fixtures, doorknobs, knobs on cabinets and dressers are a cheap fix to update a home fast!

7. Lopsided furniture. Try to find a balance in your furniture. Don’t keep a set together if it’s overpowering a space, don’t mix a large sofa with a large coffee table, don’t keep outdated or odd fitting pieces because you think you need them. For example- keeping your DVD cabinet from college. Your DVD’s can affordably find a new, more fitting home. Which leads me to #8:


8. Keeping something you hate. If you hate it, others probably do to. You’ll bear with it the life of the house and then your pesky Realtor will walk in and tell you to change it. So change it and enjoy it!


9. Too formal. Formal is going out of style just like the carpet above. It’s stuffy, almost unusable, and it’s probably the most expensive room in the house! Comfort and versatility trump formal.


10. Uncomfortable dining room chairs. Finally! We can sit in comfort and enjoy our meal.


11. Visible clutter. Storage benches, trunks, and baskets all look better than clutter.

12. Everything matches. Colors were meant to compliment and contrast. A room is much more interesting with pops of color.


Round 2 next week!


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