2013 Top Design Trends

Sun room

Happy New Year!  Myself and I’m sure many others are starting the year off with resolutions (and hope that our resolutions will actually be reality). So while we’re planning to eat healthier and plan a budget, etc., it’s also a good time to make some goals with your home. I always urge people to fix and update your home as if you were going to sell tomorrow. So as I snack on some rice cakes I’ve been researching the latest design trends for the new year. Here they are:


1. Compact office space. Unless you work full time from home, your office doesn’t need to be large and dramatic.

Compact office



2. Laundry near master bedroom. Try to design every house as if you’ll be there til’ your 90; and main floor laundry is a must. Also, laundry rooms are getting much more ‘liveable’: decor, detergent in pretty containers, and storage.

3. Walk-in pantries. I think we can all agree, there is NEVER enough space in kitchens. Bite the bullet and convert a space (or add one in) for a pantry. You know you’ll fill it up.

4. Outdoor living: Moving the interior comforts to the exterior has been trending for a couple years now. Exterior kitchens are becoming less popular and the focus is leaning more towards comfort.


5. Shadow units. (Guest house). A rough economy can trigger a lot of things: Older children can’t afford to live on their own, parents can’t afford consistent care, and friends and family can’t budget extravagant vacations. All these things mean one thing: house guests. If you’re building or remodeling, this is a nice feature to keep in mind.

6. At least one space full of light. Create one space in your home with lots of light, modern features and bold colors. I guarantee it will become your ‘happy place’.

Sun room

7. Man caves are gettin’ classy. Ladies have traditionally been in charge of home decor, leaving men with the garage. Man caves are becoming more prominent and it’s time to class it up. Instead of throwing the old furniture and a pool table in a space, make it feel like it’s meant for entertaining so everyone can enjoy it.

Man Cave

8. Your foyer should make a statement. Often neglected, this little space is affordable to redecorate. It’s the greeting to your home. Some ideas are sleek tile or marble floor, tiled walls, dramatic mirrors, wallpaper, and a fantastic light fixture.


1. Brass. It’s making a comeback, but don’t just pull out all the brass from the 90’s. Should be well planned and less is more.


2. Classic is back. Prints and patterns are still huge and elegance is leading the way.

3. High gloss. Accent decor, bathroom cabinets, table tops: high gloss adds a sleek line.

High gloss

4. Homey kitchens. Kitchens became very industrial and very chrome in the last 10 years. It’s the heart of the home and despite that large comfy couch, you probably still feel more comfortable in the kitchen than anywhere else. It should be inviting, warm and cozy.

5. Emphasis on art.  While there are many affordable art ideas, if you are able, a good piece of art can really be a focal point. Modern art is great to add color or motion, but add a piece that creates conversation and personality too.


6. Antiques. Speaking of a conversation piece, don’t be scared that an antique will throw off your theme. A good piece of antique furniture can add character. It’s eclectic (a mix of old/new, matched/unmatched). It’s about throwing all your favorite things in one place- you’d be surprised how good it looks when it all comes together.

7. Formal is over. People don’t sit around and drink tea in the parlor anymore. Every space should be comfortable and inviting.

8. Kids’ rooms are evolving. Plain ol’ pink and blue is over. Any color will work, just add more spice; like stripes, color combinations and cute pictures.

kids rooms

kids rooms

9. Wallpaper is back. No more geese and flowers, today’s wallpaper has texture and dramatic colors. Great for small spaces and accent walls.



1. Saturated colors.

2. Blue. Navy instead of black, light blue as your neutral.

3. Yellow is the new pink. Happy color for children’s room, but less bright and sporty. (And not on every wall!)

4. Leathery brown, purples and olive are continuing to be popular colors.


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