Feng Shui

The Brookings, SD real estate market was not exactly the place where I thought Feng shui knowledge would come in handy. However, I have come across several clients who use this system. Some extreme, some in simple ideas, but either way, having knowledge has definitely helped me with design and decorating.

Feng Shui: A Chinese system believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to improve life and recieve positive energy. Orientation plays a large role in feng shui.

Before you get scared off, here’s all feng shui really means: ‘good atmosphere’. That’s really all there is to it. Centuries ago the Chinese discovered components of a good atmosphere and it wasn’t until the last couple decades (and countless studies) that we’ve accepted that certain features of a space can alter our mood and energy.

Here are some basic rules to feng shui:

1. Remove clutter. “A place for everything, and everything in it’s place.” Clutter starts small, but turns into a huge, unnecessary stress. This isn’t just with stuff, but also decorating. Think simplicity: unless an item truly makes you happy, get rid of it. Don’t keep it just because it was a gift, keep it because you really enjoy it.



2. Position furniture correctly. Every room should flow so there is a clean passage way through each space. Beds and desks should be on opposite walls as the door, but not directly in the flow of the doorway. The kitchen should be arranged so you face the kitchen entry as much as possible. Sitting areas should never have you back to a door or window, or directly facing a door or window.

Think of orientation this way. Bad energy= bad guy chasing you. For instance, where you will be most often in each room should give you clear view of the bad guy coming in, but not directly lined with the door or the bad guy could see you from the outside. Also, don’t have your back to a window or he’ll get you there too. And keep things out of your path so you can chase that guy outta there!

3. Keep work and rest areas separate. Work energy (ambition) and relaxation energy will fight with each other.

4. Fix repairs promptly. This will cause stress and restricts the flow of positive energy. (Any couple living together- I’m sure you get this.)

5. Hang mirrors. Mirrors are believed to reflect positive energy, therefore doubling its potency. They also work by preventing the flow of negative energy around the home. However, it is not recommend placing a mirror facing a front door, as it reflects good energy back out the house.

6. Display Plants, Flowers, and Fruit. Displays of fresh flowers and plants promote positive energy, although ones with thorns should be avoided. A bowl of fruit rather than flowers should be situated in the bedroom to encourage sexual health, and displays of oranges and lemons throughout the home are thought to bring good luck.

7. Install A Water Feature. This is essential to the successful implementation of feng shui, which translates as wind water. A water feature will promote feelings of relaxation and harmony.

8. Fill The House With the proper Colors. Colors have a special significance in feng shui, with different colors representing different things. For example, green symbolizes nature, and is therefore representative of life and hope. Yellow represents power, and red and purple are said to be lucky. Relaxing colors are best used in living spaces.

9. Avoid Sharp Lines And Corners. Roundness is preferred in feng shui. Sharp corners are thought to emit negative energy. Wherever possible corners should not point to beds or chairs, as they will prevent calmness and relaxation. Clean, parallel lines are suggested on the walls.

10. Add more light. Light is positive energy, so keep windows clean and blinds open. Adding light fixtures to a dark room immediately opens up the flow.


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